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Chip ad I want to thank you for your time Thursday after 5 p.m. I know it’s later but Chip has to work late in the day and hardly has the opportunity to make appointments that late. Thank you for listening to Chip and helping direct the both of us. It was much appreciated and greatly accepted.

Thank you again,
Chip & Sue

Thank you very much. Bob, I thank you so very much for all that you have done for me. You might be my attorney, but I hold you as a friend. I also, hold your “gang” as friends too! You have a great “crew”!

Thanks again,

"We are writing this thank you for everything the Dietrich Law Firm did to help save our home from foreclosure. We never thought this would happen to us, and be in jeopardy of losing our home. But I got sick from stress of bills and the thought of losing our home, I even got calls at my work and letters from collectors that they will garnish our wages and I could no longer work because I let the stress of bills prevent me from thinking rationally and it just ate us alive. It affected our marriage and caused me to have a breakdown and I could no longer work, so we lost our second source of income. We tried to make it the best we could and I had depression, anxiety, and panic attacks, and a lot of weight gain of this was due to the stress of finances and how we were going to pay our bills. I would look out my window waiting for a foreclosure sign to be put on my house, or are they coming to shut off electric or water or how could we give our children a good Christmas and be able to have food and shelter for our family. Then one day we couldn’t take it anymore with the collection calls and threats to pay bills or else, no matter how much I begged and pleaded for help we couldn’t get it, no one would help us. One day we contacted the office of Dietrich Law Firm whom we had seen on TV, and we gave the office a call and set up an appointment that changed our lives. Mr. Dietrich was very kind and understanding what we were going through, Mr. Dietrich gave us his word that we wouldn’t lose our home and for us to quit letting our finances ruin our lives and if you let it, it will eat you alive and we should quit worrying and stressing out so much and that he would be able to help us. And Dietrich Law Firm kept their word, we filed Bankruptcy with the Dietrich Law Firm, and within a few months we were back on track with no more collection calls and we were able to keep our home thanks to this law office. This law office has an amazing kind staff who are all very knowledgable of what they do. This is why we are writing this letter to the Dietrich Law Firm know how thankful we are and always will be for them helping us save our home from foreclosure and making life a whole lot better and we don’t have to worry or look out our windows or afraid to answer the phone to collection agencies. If you are someone or someone you know that is stressed about bills and about losing their home, don’t wait, it only causes stress and we should all be able to have a decent life and home. Again, Thank you Dietrich law Office for everything you have done to save our home!!! We had great holidays this year and I was very emotional and cried because we were able to give our kids a great Christmas and enjoy the holidays with our family and friends, and we now have a new budget and we are back on track and I have learned a lot form this, and when you file bankruptcy you have to be willing to change your lifestyle and take control of your finances and that’s what we have been able to do thanks to this law office. and We owe it all to you Mr. Dietrich and your staff, thanks for everything, Have a wonderful year of 2013, I know we will because of Dietrich Law Firm."

Don and Crystal

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